Engaging online learning to drive real results

Training your team will love. Tribal Habits' modern interface leverages video, social learning and interactive elements to inspire employees to make real change.

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A modern learning experience

Today's organisation is mobile, agile and responsive. That’s why Tribal Habits is available 24/7 and performs on any device. It's like using a modern website, not an old-fashioned slide show.

Tribal Habits user interface is sleek, intuitive and requires no training. We automatic adapt content to your brand standards, including modules from our ready-made libraries.

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Social sharing and peer learning

Reflection questions encourage learners to periodically share thoughts with other learners to improve knowledge retention and foster a feeling of social learning.

Tribal Habits can share insights that other users have gleaned through their learning journey. These connections enhance the learning experience by providing context and social proof.

Move from theory to practice

To facilitate the flow of information from theory to practice, Tribal Habits actively prompts users to implement what they learn into their day-to-day jobs (and feedback about outcomes achieved).

The best performing teams are those that continuously practice and reinforce what they learn in training. Tribal Habits understands this and includes built-in features to support implementation.

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Powerful and affordable online learning for any organisation

With Tribal Habits, you can select just the feature packages you require for any stage of your learning journey. Start small and add packages as you need. Pay only for actual use with monthly and annual plans.

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