Engaging online learning to drive real results

Training your learners will love. Tribal Habits' modern interface leverages video, social learning and interactive elements to inspire learners to make real change.

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A modern learning experience

Today's organisation is mobile, agile and responsive. That’s why Tribal Habits is available 24/7 and performs on any device. It's like using a modern website, not an old-fashioned slide show


Works on any device, screen or browser with no additional downloads.


Available 24/7 in any location via your secure, private, cloud portal.


All training (yours and ours) appears in your branding with consistent controls.


A clean, modern interface allows anyone to 'pick up and start' training.

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Social sharing and peer learning

Tribal Habits can share insights that other users have gleaned through their learning journey. These connections enhance the learning experience by providing context and social proof.

Utilise reflection questions during modules to allow for peer learning, explorer insights to allow learners to contribute new ideas to modules and live, aggregated polling to share choices and experiences among learners.

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Move from theory to practice

The best performing learners continuously practice and reinforce what they learn in training. Tribal Habits understands this and includes built-in features to support implementation.


Integrate online and offline tasks for automated workplace activities.


Learner journals for each module to capture decisions and actions.


Tag individual stakeholders to on-the-job task (managers, mentors, coaches).


Built-in tracking of on-the-job successes and outcomes (to demonstrate RoI).

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Powerful and affordable online learning for any organisation

With Tribal Habits, you can select just the feature packages you require for any stage of your learning journey. Start small and add packages as you need. Pay only for actual use with monthly and annual plans.

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