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Tribal Habits’ modern interface leverages video, social learning and interactive elements to inspire learners to make real change.

A modern, flexible, learning experience

Today’s organisation is mobile, agile and responsive. That’s why Tribal Habits is available 24/7 on any device, from desktop to mobile. Training is presented in a familiar website interface that is lightweight, fast and clear.





Tribal Habits Learner Journal Screen View

Help learners move from theory to practice

The best performing learners continuously practice and reinforce their training. Tribal Habits understands this and includes built-in features to boost implementation: learner journals, on-the-job tasks, reflective learning, live polling, stakeholder notifications and more.

Powerful features allow anyone to engage learners with new knowledge

Cloud platform

Tribal Habits is a cloud-based online learning platform that is accessible from any location at any time on any browser. You control your learners, training and enrolments with roles for administrators, managers, creators, assessors and learners. You can also manage internal (staff, employee) and external (volunteers, customers, contractors) in the same portal.

Branded training

All training created in your Tribal Habits portal appears in your branding – including modules from our ready-made library! With consistent branding and navigation across all modules, learners instantly familiarise themselves with the platform and dive into training. Need multiple brands? No problems – we have multi-portal accounts for sub-branding or customer brands.

Dynamic dashboard

Our dynamic dashboard automatically adjusts for each user. Learners see overdue or urgent training prioritised on their dashboard. Managers see links to team reporting and features. Training catalogues automatically adjust for each role. Upcoming events are highlighted on the dashboard.

Learner journals

Learners create personal learning journals for each module that capture their answers, outcomes, knowledge and next steps. Journals can be emailed or downloaded use offline, and sent to stakeholders (managers, assessors) involved in offline tasks.

Reflective learning

Utilise optional reflectively learning activities to allow users to consider their insights and next steps, and compare decisions and outcomes with their peers. Reflective learning interactions help learners to re-engage with core content and make considered decisions – supporting long-term behavioural change.

Social learning

Social learning interactions in Tribal Habits help online training replicate the feeling of ‘learning with my colleagues. Our social learning interactions allow careful sharing of decisions and contributions between learners, allowing peer-to-peer learning and helping learners to share successes and challenges.

Lightweight interface

Tribal Habits is a completely browser-native experience. There are now required downloads and all content is created using simple, lightweight code. Media is only loaded as needed while video is streamed on-demand after analysing the user’s bandwidth. The result is a lightning-fast interface with minimal download sizes, perfect for remote and mobile learners.

We've delivered more - and better - training

The feedback in Tribal Habits helps guide our training efforts. If we identify gaps, we can quickly modify the delivery or explanation. Our training is now sustainable, repeatable and efficient– we have a system where we can create once, modify as needed and deliver often. – Melissa Haley
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