Tap into our ready-made online training library

Tribal Habits offers a ready-made online training library containing over 150 modules – branded to your organisation and fully editable in minutes!

Branded, complete, editable modules

Our libraries of professionally designed, ready-made training modules can be imported in seconds.


Each module contains 2-8 lessons for 20-80 minutes of online training - media, interactions, assessments and more.


All modules appear in your organisation's branding and use your organisation's logo.


Choose IMPORT to link to our modules and allow for single-click on-going updates as modules develop.


Choose COPY to obtain the latest version of the module and fully edit and customise every aspect of the content.

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150+ modules and counting!

Our ready-made libraries of online training already cover 150+ topics with 400+ lessons - with more added every month.

Bullying, harassment, inclusivity

IT, projects, productivity

Communications, service

Risk, IT, WHS, Duty of care

Leadership, management, teams

Sales, marketing, coaching

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Use standalone or mix-and-match

Our training modules are built with the same creator tools as you, so they are easy to customise or combine.


Our library modules use the same learner interface as your own modules, ensuring easy of use for learners.


Our library modules appear in your branding and look as though you directly created them!


You can use library modules 'as is'. Just import and enrol, or add them to pathways or training catalogues.


Combine library modules 'as is' with your content (perfect for induction) or edit and customise to suit.

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Powerful ready-made training library features

Fully branded

All Tribal Habits library modules appear in your branding. Simple import or copy a module and it immediately restyles to your colours and logo.

Fully editable

All Tribal Habits library modules are completely editable by you. Every word, interaction and media element can be edited and new content added.

Consistent interface

All Tribal Habits library modules are built with the same creation tools as your own content. The interface and experience is consistent for your learners.

Foundation Library

Our Foundation Library gives every organisation essential online training on working at home, COVID-19 training, managing training and coaching staff.

Development Library

Our Development Library provides more than 60 ready-made online training modules on key areas of personal, leadership and customer services skills.

Compliance Library

Our Compliance Library provides more than 40 training modules on behaviour, safety and regulatory topics approved for Australian standards.

Online assessments

All Compliance modules (and other appropriate modules) include graded online assessments with built-in retakes and full data reporting.

Offline activities

Many Development modules include built-in on-the-job activities and tasks to help learners transform ideas into new behaviours and actions.

Accessible training

All Tribal Habits library modules meet WACG 2.1 requirements to a Level AA standard, ensuring accessible training for all learners.

Rich media

All Tribal Habits library modules include videos, narrated slides, beautiful images, branded interactions, audio recordings, downloadable templates and more.

Customise settings

The settings for all Tribal Habits library modules can be customised by you - include in pathways, set due dates and certification periods, and all notifications.

Powerful data

All Tribal Habits library modules capture a wealth of learning data which your organisation can use (for auditing or training support processes).

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Online Training Libraries

Download the complete list of all modules in all the Tribal Habits libraries sorted by library and by category.

Download Training Libraries Overview

Powerful and affordable online learning for any organisation

With Tribal Habits, you can select just the feature packages you require. Pay only for actual use with monthly and annual plans.

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