A ready-made online learning library that
provides instant training you can edit appears in your branding has AUS & NZ compliance training imports in seconds combines with your content

Tribal Habits comes with a built-in library of ready-made online training – in your branding and ready to edit!

Complete online training modules in your branding

Our training library is more than just a random assortment of videos and articles. Every module is professionally designed, appears in your organisation’s branding and is 100% editable by you at no extra cost. Import and immediately use, or create a copy and fine-tune as needed.

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Edit 100s of ready-made elearning modules

Our ready-made online training library has 100s of complete modules, 100% editable in the platform!  You can create instant compliance pathways, management academies or workplace wellbeing catalogues in seconds, and update any part in any topic to make it more relevant for your organisation.

Powerful features for branded, editable ready-made content

Your branding

Unlike every other LMS library, our library modules appear in your branding – your brand colours and logo. It looks like you created the modules! Your branding boosts engagement with learners and is instantly applied to every module.

Fully editable

Unlike every other LMS library, you can fully edit our ready-made modules. Replace or edit images, change scripts or characters in narrated slides, switch out quizzes, add your policies, import your templates and more. Import, edit and have customised, branded online training modules in minutes.

Consistent interface

Traditional online training libraries use content from random providers, with different branding, tone and navigation. Learners are constantly relearning the interface. Not with Tribal Habits! We use one interface (in your branding) across all modules – the same interface as content you create!


Our library modules are created with the same building-block editor as the training modules you create in Tribal Habits. With the same branding and interface, you can seamlessly combine modules for your learners. Grab modules from our library, add a few of your own and build role or location-specific learning pathways with ease.

Fully interactive

Unlike most LMS libraries which claim to have ‘thousands of courses’, every module in Tribal Habits is a complete elearning experience – assessments, downloads, videos, quizzes, polls, templates, tasks and more. All with full adult-learning interactions to engage and inspire your learners. 

Offline tasks

Our library includes dozens of Australian-based compliance modules covering key topics. Each compliance module is reviewed and updated by lawyers and include a randomised, graded online assessment. PLUS you have total visibility on every answer to every question to provide your organisation with detailed insights on compliance matters.

Skills modules

While you can create training on any topic important to your organisation in Tribal Habits, our skills modules can accelerate your work. Our modules cover a range of common skills needed in any modern employee – management, sales, productivity, communication, wellbeing and more. Build role-based training catalogues or edit any module to fine-tune it for your processes.

We've saved time, money and effort

It would have taken us up to a year if we’d used a traditional e-learning authoring tool. With Tribal Habits we were delivering amazing training in 3 months, and we’ve estimated the cost has been about 25% of what it would have been had we gone with a traditional solution – James Hanson
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