Easily manage training with automated
learning pathways reminders (with escalation) version tracking due dates certification periods re-certification role-based catalogues role-based enrolments

Easy enrolments and powerful automation allow Tribal Habits to remove the burden of managing training.

Automate the mundane

Tribal Habits removes the administrative burden of managing training. We want you to focus on unlocking great training content and connecting employees and knowledge. A range of automations and rules make it easy for anyone to manage users and enrolments.

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Involve key roles directly in training management

Allow your managers and supervisors to directly review team training, identify overdue modules, send training reminders, upload external training history and enrol employees in selected training. Tag managers, mentors, assessors and key stakeholders on specific notifications, including escalation of overdue training or commence of on-the-job tasks.

Powerful features help any sized organisation automate training

Date management

Modules and pathways in Tribal Habits can automate due dates (deadlines) and certified dates. Dates can be easily updated after enrolment, while date settings can be overridden during a custom spreadsheet upload. Certified dates can be applied from enrolment or completion dates. Dates can be backdated as part of the transfer of existing training records.

Email notifications

Every module and pathway in Tribal Habits has a range of enrolment, reminder, overdue and completion email notifications. Emails are personalised, including module information, due dates and current actions. Emails can be sent to involved stakeholders – managers, mentors, assessors or other key people involved in each module – including escalation of overdue reminders.

Certification periods

Modules and pathways in Tribal Habits can apply certification periods upon training completion. Certification dates appear on training certificates and can be updated manually or in bulk at any time. Automated re-certification can be enabled to trigger training retakes when certification is due to expire (with previous training history retained).

Enrolment options

Manage enrolments via a wide range of enrolment options:

  • Enrol individually
  • Enrol in bulk
  • Enrol via upload
  • Enrol via manager
  • Enrol via catalogue
  • Enrol via links
  • Enrol via external LMS
  • Enrol via pathways

Training catalogues

Every module and pathway in Tribal Habits can be optionally included in training catalogues for self-enrollment by learners. Training catalogues dynamically adjust available modules based on user demographics (title, role, location or any other user data) to ensure learners only see relevant training options.

Training certificates

Every module and pathway in Tribal Habits can generate a unique, branded completion certificate (enable or disable as required). Certificates can be downloaded and printed, including your organisation’s branding and unique ID numbers.

Manager functions

Managers and team leaders in Tribal Habits can access a dedicated Team view, allowing them to review reports and take actions without bothering admins. Managers can subscribe to email reports, send reminders for overdue training, enrol staff into selected learning and view the teams of their own staff.

Version tracking

Allow your learners to continue exploring content while you draft changes – and then push out an update with a single click. Tribal Habits automates version number, version notes, access to prior versions, version completion records and more. 

Assessor functions

Assign assessors to manually review and grade learner contributions – event attendance (roll call), event assessment (observation), task completion, written answers and file uploads. Assessors can pass/fail, provide feedback and record a score.

We've delivered more - and better - training

The feedback in Tribal Habits helps guide our training efforts. If we identify gaps, we can quickly modify the delivery or explanation. Our training is now sustainable, repeatable and efficient– we have a system where we can create once, modify as needed and deliver often. – Melissa Haley
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