Boost outcomes with simple to manage training

Easy enrolments and powerful automation remove the burden of managing training. Detailed reporting provides insights into real outcomes.

Automate the mundane

Tribal Habits removes the administrative burden of managing training. We want you to focus on unlocking great training content and connecting employees and knowledge.


Automate enrolment, reminder, completion and task notifications.

Due dates

Automate due dates, certification periods and expiry dates.


10 different methods: managers, links, libraries, spreadsheets and more.


Group training modules based on roles, teams, locations and more.

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Detailed reporting and analytics

Tribal Habits reporting goes way beyond simple topic completion tracking. Two-way communication and feedback loops allow learners to demonstrate results and the effectiveness of training.

Track all enrolments

Track version history

Track every answer

Automated satisfaction surveys

Built-in version control

Track all completions

Track certification periods

Track every response

ALL data available for download

Filter by custom demographics

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A single view of all training

Tribal Habits is your repeatable, foolproof approach to training. Do away with spreadsheets, folders, emails, PDFs and slides, all containing different information and no completion data.

one portal

Learners access the same version of knowledge in any location, 24/7.


The richest possible reporting of learning data online and offline.


Managers can view teams, enrol learners and be notified of results.


Share training in the platform, upload existing SCORM content or share external via SCORM links.

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Powerful management features

Easy enrolments

Manage self-enrollment libraries for specific roles, teams or locations. Manage training enrolments via spreadsheet upload, secure URLs or SCORM links.

Automated notifications

No more chasing training completions. Tribal Habits provides dynamic due dates, reminders and notifications for all your modules and pathways.

Learning pathways

Combine topics into Learning Pathways. Assign pathways based on user demographics or self-enrollment and let our automation take it from there.

Version control

Tribal Habits manages version numbering and completion history. View old versions and work on a new version without disrupting enrolments.

People management

Manager users with up to 20 custom demographic fields of data. Create, upload and manage users and enrolments via spreadsheets.

Blended learning

Tribal Habits allows you to create and monitor offline tasks to develop a blended learning process to boost training implemented in your organisation.

Advanced analytics

Review rich data from every topic and user. Review aggregated insights, individual topics or user data with online filtering and offline via spreadsheet.

Insightful assessments

Tribal Habits helps you build a range of online and offline assessments with automated or manual grading - the outputs of these guide your next steps.

Powerful and affordable online learning for any organisation

With Tribal Habits, you can select just the feature packages you require. Pay only for actual use with monthly and annual plans.

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