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LMS integration

While Tribal Habits provides a complete online learning platform, you can also use our amazing SCORM Wrapper feature for seamless LMS integration

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Provide SCORM content to any LMS

A SCORM Wrapper is a SCORM 1.2 compatible file which embeds a Tribal Habits topic into an LMS. The LMS can then manage users, including enrolments, due dates and reminders, while Tribal Habits provided rich, interactive online content and sends completion data back to the LMS.

Embed in your LMS

Use Tribal Habits to create custom online learning for your LMS. Allow your LMS to manage users while Tribal Habits manages content. Tribal Habits can supercharge your LMS with more custom content than ever before.

Share to external LMS

Create content in Tribal Habits and share with multiple external LMS - without having to give away your original content! Maintain just one central version of your content to offer (sell) to any external organisation.

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Faster, cheaper, better SCORM

Expensive and complex eLearning authoring tools can create traditional SCORM files to upload into an LMS. Our SCORM Wrapper feature retains all the benefits of a SCORM file while providing several unique advantages.

Anyone can create SCORM content

Tribal Habits allows anyone in your organisation to create online learning. Unlike complicated eLearning authoring tools which have steep learning curves and are slow to create content, Tribal Habits empowers any expert to follow a guided process to create training. This means you can dramatically increase the amount of SCORM content for your LMS.

Complete control over access

When you provide a traditional SCORM file to a third-party organisation, you cannot determine how it is used, how many people are enrolled or who else it is given to. With a SCORM Wrapper, you provide a link to your content only – the original content stays in Tribal Habits. You can monitor the usage of each SCORM Wrapper as well as disable each link.

Simple to update and maintain

When content needs to be updated in a traditional SCORM file, you need to make changes using original eLearning authoring tool, export a new (large) SCORM file and send that file to each LMS for replacement. With a SCORM Wrapper, you can just make changes to the content in Tribal Habits. That’s it. Users in any location are automatically directed to the latest version.

Huge reduction in file size

A traditional SCORM file contains all the learning assets for that module. This means SCORM files can be huge – 200-500 MB or larger. SCORM Wrappers are tiny – less than 20KBs. All content is stored on your Tribal Habits portal. If your LMS charges for storage, this alone can mean a huge reduction in required storage and your associated LMS costs.

Significantly improved video playback

Video is very difficult for traditional SCORM files. A SCORM file compresses the video to a single version – often with heavy compression (quality) in an attempt to reduce the file size. With a SCORM Wrapper, your videos remain in Tribal Habits and are streamed from our dedicated video hosting environment with auto-scaling to suit bandwidth and screen size.

Detailed user data and reporting

Traditional SCORM 1.2 files only record user completion status and an assessment score. With a SCORM Wrapper linked to a Tribal Habits topic, you can capture the same rich user information of any Tribal Habits topic. Poll results, open answers, peer learning, on-the-job activities, quizzes, ranking, file uploads and more.

Got questions about
SCORM Wrapper technology?

Our SCORM Wrappers conform to SCORM 1.2 standards.
Any LMS which supports SCORM 1.2 – which should be any LMS!
We communicate learner status (complete/pass) and, if an assessment exists in your Tribal Habits topic, we communicate the assessment score and required pass mark.
The Tribal Habits topic is embedded in the LMS just like any other SCORM file. The LMS may provide options to display the topic within the LMS itself or in a pop-up window. If your LMS supports screen size, we recommend allowing full-screen embedding (or as large as possible).
Yes, if your LMS supports mobile devices. Tribal Habits topics are fully responsive down to mobile screen sizes.
Yes, if your LMS supports WAG 2.1 Level AA accessibility. All of Tribal Habits accessibility standards will be present as they are embedded in the platform. However, your LMS will also need to support WAG 2.1 Level AA accessibility for a completely accessible experience.
There is no limit to the number of SCORM Wrappers you can create for each of your topics in Tribal Habits.
Yes. We tag each new enrolment in your topics by the enrolment method. For SCORM Wrappers, we tag the enrolment via the unique nickname you give to each SCORM Wrapper. You can filter and download usage data for each SCORM Wrapper. This allows you to monitor and/or restrict the number of users who access each SCORM Wrapper.
You can deactivate each SCORM Wrapper from your Tribal Habits portal. This prevents any further usage of that SCORM wrapper. If a user tries to access that topic from a deactivated SCORM Wrapper, they receive a message stating that access is no longer available. Ideally, you would communicate and manage usage with each LMS administrator, but this gives you complete control over access when required.
No (although you can if you want). When an LMS user accesses a Tribal Habits topic via a SCORM Wrapper, we will determine if they already exist in your Tribal Habits portal. If so, we will match their access with their existing user profile. If not, we will create a new user and grant them access to that topic. You can optionally upload LMS data into Tribal Habits to help match any existing users.
Yes. You can use the same topic for both internal users of your Tribal Habits platform as well as external users in multiple LMS.
Only if you allow them by creating them as full Tribal Habits users. Users who only access your Tribal Habits topics via their LMS cannot log into your Tribal Habits portal or access any other topics in your portal. They are ‘guest users’ with limited access to topics which their LMS allows via the SCORM Wrappers. You can update any user's profile to allow them full access to your Tribal Habits portal as required.
No. The SCORM Wrapper contains no topic content – it is merely a link to the topic. So you can update your topics whenever you like and not have to worry about creating or sending any new SCORM Wrappers.
Not really. It should be noted that LMS users must have internet access to utilise a SCORM Wrapper as they are redirected into your Tribal Habits portal. However, as almost every LMS is based in the cloud, users should have internet access anyway (to log in to their LMS).

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