Report on detailed learning data for all
compliance results continuing education (CPD/CLE) assessment answers survey choices training outcomes module completions competencies and skills certificate expiration

Tribal Habits tracks far more than just training completion. You can report on all learning contributions, outcomes and activities.

Compliance, roles, skills, licences, CPD and more

Powerful reporting on all aspects of learning, from training completion, through to compliance expiry dates, job role competency measures, skill attained, external knowledge (licences, accreditations, qualifications) and continuing education (CPD/CLE). Filter by location, role, supervisors, start dates or any other key user data. View online or export to your favourite reporting dashboard.


Analyse all learning contributions

With Tribal Habits you can review all learning contributions – quiz answers, survey choices, written responses, activity outcomes, on-the-job tasks, training success and more. Analyse learning data to improve course content and workshop facilitation, demonstrate the RoI of training or support coaching from supervisors.

Powerful features for rich reporting of training data​

Platform data

  • Logins and active users
  • Training enrolments
  • Training complete
  • Notifications sent
  • Training overdue or expired
  • Training modules created
  • Users created

Completion data

  • Enrolment date and time
  • Enrolment method
  • Progress status (modules)
  • Progress per cent (pathways)
  • Completion date and time of each part in a module
  • Completion date and time of each module in a pathway
  • Completion data and time of each module and pathway
  • Completion per cent (filter by any user data – location, role, team and so on)

Compliance data

  • Version completed
  • Certificate expiry date
  • Assessment attempts
  • Completion data for all enrolments (current and all historical enrolments)

Competency data

  • Role assignments
  • Competency assignments
  • Skills assignments
  • Per cent completion by user (adjusted for expired skills)
  • Role and skill attainment by users (filter by any user data)
  • Role and skill attainment over time (attainment progression over time, future attainment based on known expiry dates)

CPD/CLE data

  • Record internal training or upload external training records
  • Training completed by (customised) continuing education category
  • Continuing education records by minutes
  • Continuing education records by points
  • Minutes/Points by learner by current or past continuing education period
  • Filter or download continuing education report

Assessment data

  • Answers and results for every learning quiz for every user
  • Answers and results for every assessment quiz for every user
  • Overall assessment results for every user
  • Number of retakes for automatically graded online assessments
  • Scores, pass/fail and comments for manually graded long answers, tasks and uploads

External data

  • External training
  • Licences
  • Accreditations
  • Qualifications
  • All external knowledge tracks provider, dates, points, time, location, assessment, CPD/CLE, skills and uploads

Learning data

  • Every poll or survey choice
  • Every written response
  • Every outcome (poll and written) from on-the-job activities and tasks 
  • Filter by questions or answers
  • Search questions and answers
  • Filter all learning data by all user data (role, location, title and so on)
  • Export all learning data via CSV

Online or offline access

Filter data online in our Analytics area. Download all data into CSV spreadsheets for detailed offline analysis. 

We've rapidly instilled our internal processes

Amazing product, we are using Tribal Habits to document key processes, sure beats the old procedures manual! I love how quickly a topic can be put together and the support from the Tribal Habits team to help our experts get the most out of the software is awesome.

– Michael Burke

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