4 strategies to help quickly create online compliance training

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Online compliance training helps organisations capture and share critical regulatory information, internal processes and behavioural standards more effectively than any other form of compliance training. Better yet, you can quickly create online compliance training to rapidly respond to new developments – or to simply create your compliance training with fewer resources and less budget.

In this article, let’s dive into strategies to help you quickly create online compliance training so you can beat deadlines, reduce resources and maximise your training budget.

Have a regular compliance training review schedule

One of the best ways to avoid tight deadlines is to be ahead of the game. If compliance training is important to your organisation, then it should be treated as a project. Preparation, scheduling and planning go a long way to helping you quickly create online compliance training.

  • Agree your desired learning objectives. Is it simply completion and recording of training? Is it a demonstration of understanding? Is it an observation of changed behaviours or outcomes? Knowing your objectives in advance helps quickly determine the nature of the online module you need to develop.
  • Have a scheduled review process. Let’s say your online compliance training suite consists of a dozen modules. In this simple example, you would schedule one module per month for annual review. This allows you to block in appropriate time and resources and prevents a build-up of too many modules to update at once.
  • Have regular overall compliance reviews. In addition to scheduled module reviews, you should have at least quarterly overall reviews. In this review session, you should be catching up on all updated legislation or regulations, as well as reviewing recent events within the organisation around behaviours. It might be that you need to accelerate the review of a module to capture recent changes – changes which can’t wait for the next scheduled update of that module.

Use a rapid online compliance authoring platform

If you need to quickly create online compliance training, then you need a tool for the task. Many elearning authoring tools are designed for learning and development professionals who have unlimited time or budget to customise every aspect of each module. That’s fine when preparing extremely complex online learning, perhaps around detailed simulations or branching scenarios.

For online compliance training, that’s overkill. To help you quickly create online compliance training, you need a rapid platform which can:

  • Use preformatted building-blocks which manage branding, navigation and tracking
  • Has a built-in stock image library and a built-in image editor
  • Offer a wide variety of different layouts and interactions at a click of a button
  • Prepare all content in your organisation’s branding with no additional effort
  • Push changes to learners with the click of a button (without further downloads, uploads, file changes and so on)
  • Manage version control automatically to push out changes and track version completion data

Tribal Habits, of course, does all of these things! It also includes a completed guided creation process and free reviews by our expert designers of your compliance modules to help quickly fine tune the learning experience.

Quickly create online compliance training from ready-made modules

If you really want to quickly create online compliance training, then the fastest way is not to create it at all! Ideally, your online compliance authoring platform should have ready-made compliance training modules ready for you to import and edit. These modules should be reviewed by local law firms to ensure accuracy with your local regulations. Finally, these online compliance training modules should automatically appear in your branding.

When you have access to a library of ready-made, branded, online compliance training, then you can simply…

  • Import a new module matching your required compliance topic
  • Check the module automatically appears in your branding
  • Review the module and edit the 5-10% required to perfectly suit your organisation
  • Add your internal compliance policy documentation
  • Add a few additional quizzes to the assessment about specific aspects of your compliance policy
  • And that’s it!

This might be 45-60 minutes of work to have a fully complete, customised and branded online compliance training module. Now that’s quick.

Tribal Habits, once again, does all of these things! We have a dedicated online compliance training library for Australian organisations with 40 ready-made, lawyer-reviewed modules. Just copy in the module, make your edits and it’s done.

Hold regular compliance knowledge tests for employees

One of the reasons you are often scrambling to quickly create online compliance training is because you are caught off guard. In the first strategy we presented, we discussed the need for regular reviews of your modules and the compliance landscape. An additional safety check is to more regularly assess employees knowledge of compliance training.

By conducting more periodic compliance assessments you can obtain a leading indicator of how up to date employees are. You then have an opportunity to move early – once again to perhaps accelerate the roll-out of a new module, or move forward the scheduled update of a module.

In this case, you need a way to quickly create online compliance training assessments – say a 10 question graded online assessment which can be rolled out to employees. As this represents more of an assessment of where employees currently are, and probably isn’t accompanied by any training, you may set your passmark reasonably low – like 60%.

When it’s time for employees to take, or retake, the related online compliance training, you can use this data in a few ways.

  • Look for quizzes with high failure rates and ensure that content is addressed in the module.
  • Look for learners with 100% pass rates and consider if they are able to skip the online training or complete a condensed version.

Bonus: Sync the data back to your HRIS

Once you’ve built your online training module, the final step is to record the completion statuses against employee profiles in your HRIS or wherever you track compliance. This is essential to give you visibility over compliance rates across teams and departments, understand any skills gaps, and effectively plan and schedule future training. 

We recommend connecting your LMS to your HRIS to do this (rather than using a cumbersome spreadsheet), which will save you valuable time and reduce the risk of errors. Using a HRIS you can automatically capture training completion in Tribal Habits and any associated licences, qualification or skills against each employee’s profile, allowing you to see overall compliance rates, run reports, and identify non-compliant individuals. It also tracks expiry/renewal dates and sends automated reminders, empowering employees to be proactive and reducing HR’s paper chase.


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