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20 questions to ask before buying a NFP LMS

So, you are ready to buy a learning management system (LMS) for your not-for-profit! That’s great. However, the initial decisions in purchasing a not-for-profit LMS can be a little tricky. There are over 1,000 LMS providers offering a wide range of features and pricing. With so many choices, the task...

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Getting started with a not-for-profit LMS

Are you helping to manage training at an Australian or New Zealand not-for-profit organisation? Then this article might be a great starting point if you are new to the learning and development industry, online training or not-for-profit LMS (learning management systems).

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READY-SET-GO-SHOW – Reimagining blended learning during COVID 19

Participants have been thrilled with the quality of the material Geoff is presenting, but also the way his methodology is allowing for synchronous and asynchronous learning to optimise engagement, time management and training outcomes.

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Big Brown House – Supporting NSW’s most vulnerable through COVID-19

Big Brown House was faced with a significant challenge: Deliver training that met strict standards to a geographically dispersed group of learners. By creating a blended model that leveraged online training to ensure that any in-person training that occurred would have the maximum impact possible, the small team at Big...

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Art of Work – Blending Learning

Art of Work decided and pitched a blended learning model to its client. A model where pre-work could be done online, meaning that when participants came to the face-to-face sessions, they were as prepared as they could be to make the most of those sessions.

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mIoT – Educating installers

The old method of providing customers with pdf versions of an installation guide led to confusion through the customer base. Some installations were unsuccessful at first try, and the team at mIoT dealt with many time-consuming support calls from customers trying to understand how to install the technology.

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Melbourne Racing Club – Achieving 100% compliance

The Melbourne Racing Club had little to no compliance training in place for its staff, and as such, there were significant risks to the business. Implementing core compliance modules for staff would set a precedent of mandatory expectations for each employee & provide important information regarding MRC’s policies and procedures.

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Australian Government announces additional tax deductions for cloud computing platforms

Businesses with an annual turn over of

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10 Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs An LMS

There are many LMS systems on the market, each having different features, planning what you need and what it must have vs nice to have, including what your budget is, will help you narrow down your search.

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LMS Pricing – Active Vs Stored Plans

A short summary of the pros and cons of both pricing points, ultimately it depends on your organisation and how many users will actively use the platform each month over a 12-month period. 

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5 Reasons Learning Content Goes Out of Date

When looking to update or reframe your training, look in to modern LMS platforms that will give you the tools to create and update your content, set reminders, track and report progress and help you keep on top of your training. 

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The Value of Having an LMS & eLearning Platform in One

Managing multiple platforms for your online courses and employee training can get costly in the long run. Hence, you might find yourself down to choosing between an online learning platform vs learning management system (LMS). The good news is that you don’t have to pick one over the other. Nowadays,...

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