Scaling employee training with artificial intelligence

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Employee training is undergoing major evolution towards newer technology and software platforms with embedded artificial intelligence. These platforms take a more dynamic approach to scaling employee training, knowledge sharing and personal development. In particular, the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and software platforms driven by big data algorithms is opening up entirely new ways to consider employee training at scale.

What’s wrong with traditional online learning for scaling employee training?

Most companies look to scale employee training through the use of online learning. The problem with most online learning is that it is old technology, created at the very start of the Internet. While it allows many employees to access training, it doesn’t provide any other scaling benefits. The most common online learning format, SCORM, cannot provide individual experiences for each employee, tracks very little data about employee training, does not allow the sharing of information and knowledge between employees, and is extremely cumbersome to update and change.

This is largely because most online learning is a static environment.– created in a specialised piece of software, saved and exported, and then played like a movie by each employee. Unlike face-to-face training, there is limited engagement and no sense of teamwork when completing most traditional online learning.

In many other industries, digital transformation is providing more personalised experiences, more detailed reporting, an improved user interface, and a far better return on investment. Let’s consider the impact technology such as artificial intelligence or machine learning could have on your employee training.

How does artificial intelligence improve employee training?

  • More individualised experiences. Every employee has a different learning style.  Some favour high levels of interaction, some prefer watching videos, while others like to collaborate with their peers and reflect on their own insights. Artificial intelligence allows online learning to adapt to suit each employee’s individual learning style. Tribal Habit’s own Narration element, for example, can transform written text, which may suit a very literal employee, into a narrated video or slide show, which would be far more engaging for visual employees.
  • Detailed learning reporting. Machine learning and big data can allow your business to better understand the impact of learning on your employees. Modern knowledge sharing platforms allow you to evaluate how each employee is learning, as well as the impact each particular course has on the employee’s future work capabilities and the strategic goals of your business. Artificial intelligence can effectively measure the employee’s level of engagement within each training programme and provide specific recommendations to improve comprehension.
  • Improved employee experience. Many employees may be worried that the rise of technology may impact their jobs, especially when they are being educated by a machine learning programme. However, digital transformation often ends up making training programmes more efficient. It frees up time for employees to focus on refining their skills and improving their expertise in a meaningful way. By providing employees with an individual experience that adapts to their learning style and facilitates collaboration, the entire learning experience is both more meaningful and contextual.
  • Automated training reinforcement. Artificial intelligence can also dramatically boost ongoing learning. Machine learning can examine training for critical content. For example, Tribal Habit’s Insights element allows our platform to automatically identify and reinforce key content in employee training over time. Automating these time-consuming and laborious tasks is an area where artificial intelligence can significantly outperform even the most dedicated learning and development manager. Modern knowledge sharing platforms can trigger a wide range of automated notifications, not just to staff, but also to their managers and other key stakeholders.

Employee training at scale without the cost

These benefits are sometimes also obtained in face-to-face learning; however, workshops and other instructor-led training are very expensive. That’s not to say workshops do not have any value, it’s just that we must be careful when choosing the most expensive form of learning. Workshops are fantastic when training has a physical element or there is likely to be a high degree of emotion or a need for Q&A involved in the learning process.

Online learning allows us to obtain these benefits at a low cost and a large scale. Online learning also provides consistency. Information can be delivered the same way every time, something that can be hard to control with multiple workshop facilitators.

Employee training with a significantly improved ROI!

First, the training investment is lowered. Artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning can provide employee training at scale at a very low cost. The reduced investments aren’t just at the start either.  Modern online learning platforms are extremely easy to update, ensuring that content remains relevant for years to come. Compare that to all those old workshop manuals gathering dust at the bottom of drawers.

Second, the return is improved. Modern online learning provides more engaging, individualised training opportunities. It is far more effective at changing employee behaviour in the long term. As a result, it improves employee engagement, employee retention and overall productivity.

Indeed, artificial intelligence and machine learning can quickly map out and manage induction training, competency mapping, best practices among distributed offices, knowledge sharing from your internal experts and a wide range of notifications and reminders. The aim here is not replace the human aspect of training and coaching, but instead to alleviate mundane tasks.

The power of Tribal Habits for scaled employee training

These concepts lie the heart of Tribal Habits. First, we use data from across organisations to provide specific feedback on how to capture and improve knowledge sharing. Sage, our artificial intelligence bot, provides real-time, plain language guidance to your topic creators. This allows your subject matter experts to quickly and easily create employee training.

Second, because we understand the content, we can automate the navigation, layout, notifications and reminders at any scale. Third, we provide data analytics far beyond that of traditional online learning platforms. This includes monitoring on-the-job behavioural change and the impact on organisational goals.


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