The Learning Journey

The Tribal Habits Learning Journey supercharges your online training solutions training efforts by breaking down learning into four stages.

Address your capability against each of these stages to provide an insight into your organisation’s current knowledge capabilities. From there, you can focus your attention on the activities that will enable you to reach your strategic and training goals.

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Digitise training processes

Organisations waste a great deal of time delivering the same training over and over. Offline management of training is time-consuming and frustrating, and issues with version control mean your staff could be accessing information that is no longer accurate.

Tribal Habits remedies these challenges by providing a 'single source of training truth'. Our engaging, interactive training modules can be deployed at any time, removing the need to deliver repetitive training sessions. Reporting is simple, while automation and reminders drastically reduce the administrative burden associated with managing training.

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Deliver compliance training

Compliance training is a vital part of your organisation’s strategy, protecting your staff and boosting the bottom line.

Tribal Habits' library of engaging, interactive compliance training is fully approved by Australian lawyers. Our library can be supplemented by self-created compliance topics using a simple drag and drop editor providing you a comprehensive online compliance training solution.

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Convert existing training

If you’re already running face-to-face training and workshops with PowerPoint presentations and facilitator-led engagements, you’ve done the hard work.

Converting existing training with Tribal Habits allows for improved management capabilities, reduced training administration time, 24/7 availability and better consistency of learning. Our simple drag-and-drop means anyone in your organisation can start converting training today.

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Optimise employee induction

How new employees are brought into an organisation matters. Optimising employee induction reduces employee churn, engages staff, reduces rework and makes new starters productive in less time.

Tribal Habits supercharges employee induction by delivering induction learning pathways that align new starters to organisational culture and processes and brings them up to speed as quickly as possible with consistent, repeatable training.

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Share best practices

Over time, your top-performing employees have developed unique skills and approaches. It's this knowledge that sets your organisation apart from the competition. Successful organisations capture and transfer this knowledge increasing the capability of their workforce and protecting them from knowledge drain when staff move on.

Tribal Habits' simple drag and drop editor allows anyone in your organisation to create learning experiences based on their unique knowledge. These experiences can then be shared across your team, broadening the organisation's knowledge base and turning best practice into everyday practice.

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Join Australia’s top organisations using Tribal Habits

Tribal Habits is a proudly Australian owned and built platform. All implementation and support queries are answered by our friendly Australian-based team.

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Get started with our guidebooks

Select the stage of the learning journey you are most focused on to download an extensive guidebook filled with detailed articles, checklists and advice.