Share best practices across your organisation

Your organisation is full of proven ideas, tested expertise and insider tips which only your top performers know.

Tribal Habits makes it easy to capture and share these best practices across your entire organisation.

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Wasted per week by employees waiting on others for knowledge

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Capture tacit knowledge from experts

Over time, your top-performing employees have developed unique skills and approaches to excel in their roles. This knowledge cannot be sourced from external training content. It represents the very best of your organisation, honed by actual use in real conditions.

Horrible PowerPoint slides and simple PDF documents can not adequately capture this important content or present it in a way which encourages the transfer of new ideas to other people. Tribal Habits gives your experts a way to rapidly capture knowledge AND transfer it effectively to others.

When you have experts in your business who need to share their knowledge across the organisation, Tribal Habits is the only choice.

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James Hanson
Group Cardno University Manager
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Stop knowledge drain when staff leave

When staff leave your organisation, their knowledge goes with them. The depature of experienced or highly skilled staff can result in a whole generation of knowledge disappearing overnight. With employees tenures shorter than ever before organisations find themselves in a challenging predicament.

Without a system that captures and shares organisational knowledge, existing processes will fall away quickly and productivity dips as new and remaining staff struggle to rediscover what was lost. Tribal Habits remedies this by capturing and sharing your best practices so they remain within your organisation even when staff leave.

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Build business value through knowledge capture

Knowledge has value. At least, it has value when it is in a tangible form which can be utilised.

Tribal Habits turns your expertise, knowledge and best practice into a valuable, tangible outcome. It helps future-proof your organisation against employee turnover and economic change. It builds a library of ‘how your organisation works at its best’ - a vital assest for shareholders and owners.

Content creation is easy and fun on Tribal Habits; the system’s built-in structure ensures that content is organised in a manner that enables the final output to be exactly what’s needed. This gives me great confidence that my training will hit the mark.

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Lindsay Bastiansz – Manager Performance Enablement - MOQ Digital
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Enable your expert staff to rapidly capture and share their best practices

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Why best practice sharing is better with Tribal Habits

Capture proven approaches

Base training around knowledge which is proven to work in your unique organisation

Create customised content

Create custom leanring experiences on ANY topic - software, skills, processes, values and more

Promote social learning

Capture 2-way feedback to encourage peer-to-peer collaboration and reflective learning

Institutionalise knowledge

Build a 'single source of truth' of valuable knowledge, including version management

Track on-the-job outcomes

Prescribe on-the-job tasks to ensure successful knowledge transfer and behavioural change

Eliminate brain drain

Ensure when staff leave your organisation, their knowledge and experience doesn't leave with them

Improve teamwork

Break down knowledge silos and build a culture of collaboration, innovation and sharing

Enagaging delivery

Leverage video and interactive elements to shift learning from a passive to an active experience

Ease of use

Delight users with an intuitive modern interface available 24/7 in any location or device

Join Australia’s top organisations using Tribal Habits

Tribal Habits is a proudly Australian owned and built platform. All implementation and support queries are answered by our friendly Australian-based team.

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