Protect staff, reputation
and the bottom line

Compliance training is a vital part of your organisation’s strategy, boosting both your reputation and the bottom line. Despite this, it can be time consuming and dis-engaging to complete. Tribal Habits provides a library of engaging compliance training approved by Australian lawyers.

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Engage sceptical employees

Many employees view compliance training as an imposition. Tribal Habits breaks down this reluctance by delivering insightful content through a fast, modern interface.

Topics are divided into 3-6 minute, easily consumable modules. Scenarios and videos are used drastically increase engagement and all assessments focus on key information to ensure compliance requirements are met.

Tribal Habits' video feedback on the topics we created is amazing.

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Pair our content with yours

Today's compliance landscape is constantly changing. New legislation and business practices mean employees require continuous education to ensure they are working safely and effectively.

Accessing our comprehensive compliance training library, and complementing this with your own easily-created training modules, allows you to instantly develop a compliance training solution that is customised to your organisation's needs.

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Complete peace of mind

The management of compliance training can create signifcant levels of uncertainty.

All content in our compliance library is reviewed and approved by Australian lawyers. Employees examine real-world scenarios and complete online assessments. You can combine with your own policies to capture their understanding and acceptance of your organisation's values.

Tribal Habits' online compliance library has been a game-changer for us. We saved significant time, money and hassle.

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Everything you need to make compliance training a success in your organisation

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Why compliance training is better with Tribal Habits

The highest quality content

Our library covers every compliance topic relevant to Australian organisations

Lawyer approved

Tribal Habits' Compliance Library is reviewed by Australian law firm McCullough Robertson

Built-in assessments

 Test users knowledge to ensure understanding and compliance with required content

Fully customised

Create custom compliance training for organisation-specific information and policy acceptance.

Engaging delivery

Leverage interactive elements to shift compliance from passive attendance to active learning

Consistent branding

An online portal consistent with your branding making our compliance training look part of your organisation

Powerful admin capability

Due date management and powerful automated notifications reduce administrative burden

Compliance tracking

User activity is fully traceable and progress reports can be generated with the click of a button

Ease of use

An intuitive modern interface of easily consumable modules available 24/7 in any location or device

Test drive a free compliance training topic now!

Join Australia’s top organisations using Tribal Habits

Tribal Habits is a proudly Australian owned and built platform. All implementation and support queries are answered by our friendly Australian-based team.

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WATCH: From zero to compliant in 45 minutes? See exactly how a new organisation sets up online compliance training for 175 employees with ease.

Affordable pricing

Start with our Compliance package which gives complete access to over 30 approved compliance modules. Optionally, add our Creator package to create compliance training (or induction, process or best practice training) of your own.

Pay monthly for smaller or seasonal usage or lock-in discounted rates for annual plans starting from 100 active users per month (discounts for larger plans).

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/active user/month, min five active users/month



/active user/month, min five active users/month



/active user/month, with up to 100 active users/month



/active user/month, with up to 100 active users/month