Customers and Stakeholders

Engage your employees, volunteers, customers, contractors, managers, mentors and other key stakeholders via one platform.

Manage multiple stakeholders, brands and cohorts

You have total control over your training and content in Tribal Habits. Within a single portal you can manage multiple groups – employees, volunteers, customers and more.

Isolate groups for individual enrolments across multiple modules or learning pathways. Create bespoke training catalogues based on user type (or title, location or any other key information). Or use our multi-portal option (see below) to manage multiple brands or for more segregated user management.

Engage managers, experts, coaches, assessors and mentors

With separate roles for managers (internal supervisors or external coaches), mentors, assessors and training creators/experts, you can easily engage all your key stakeholders.

Managers can access dedicated team reports (online and email). Assessors can grade learner submissions. Mentors can be notified for mentee meetings.

Sell training to customers or engage multiple groups and brands in days, not months

Obtain your own secure cloud training portal. Set your branding and integrate with your systems or SSO.

Add your content: use our editable library, quickly build your own or upload existing SCORM files.

Upload and enrol learners in their training individually or in bulk via our 10 different enrolment methods.

Set automations for notifications, escalations, reminders, certificates and enable annual re‑certification.

Get help with 1:1 zoom training, self‑paced learning, live support chat and an extensive knowledge base. 

The ease we are able to set up learners on the platform or by sending a SCORM file to our customers to put on their LMS for their own inhouse training is very simple and not time consuming.

David W. - Product & Training Specialist in Australia


Integrate with popular eCommerce solutions

Tribal Habits has a native Zapier integration, allowing you to integrate with all popular online shopping platforms – Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and more.

Build your online shop in any popular ecommerce platform and then automate enrolments into your Tribal Habits portal for a ‘best of breed’ solution.

One platform – multiple portals and branding

While you can manage all stakeholders within a single Tribal Habits portal, you can also set-up multiple portals.

Each portal can have its own URL, logo, branding, name and administrators. Set-up a master (sandpit) portal and then copy content between your employee vs customer portals, or multiple portals for each of your brands.

Australian LMS Tribal Habits Dashboard

Get Compliant

Custom data

Create customised data fields to filter and track different groups and stakeholders.

Automated notifications

Automate notifications to managers, experts and mentors (with escalation).

Automated branding

Set-up your brand standards for consistent application to all content.

Internal and external

Manage employees via single-sign-on and contractors/volunteers  by direct login within the same platform!

Re-use training across stakeholders

Created training on your products or services for employees? Redeploy for your customers in seconds.

Enrol multiple cohorts into the same module, or quickly copy a module to edit for a specific group. Set up separate employee and customer portals, with different branding and URLs, and copy content between them – with instant rebranding to suit each portal!

Amazing product, we are using TH to document key processes, sure beats the old procedures manual! I love how quickly a topic can be put together and the support from the TH team to help our authors get the most out of the software is awesome.

Michael B. - Managing Director in Australia


Download our free Manage Training Online Guidebook for a step-by-step guide to saving time, money and hassle with an online learning portal.


Download our free Share Best Practices Guidebook for a range of detailed articles on capturing and sharing knowledge and skills from your expert staff.

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