Deliver amazing first days and productive first months

The way you bring new people into your business matters. Tribal Habits aligns your newest employees to your culture and processes, bringing them up to speed as quickly as possible with easy and automated employee induction.

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increase in retention when employee involved in good induction

of australian managers had employee resign due to poor induction

increase in employee performance from successful induction

Fast-track the the path to productivity

It takes time for any new hire to become productive within an organisation. Waiting for face-to-face training sessions only lengthens that process.

The Tribal Habits online platform is available 24/7 on any device. Meaning new starters can access the information they need, when and where they need it.

Development pathways can easily be created to helps new staff identify best practices, avoid bad habits and common mistakes and quickly understand internal processes, jargon and tools.

Tribal Habits set and tracked on-the-job activities, as well as notifying managers about the learning their new employees were completing.

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Jamie Scarrabelloti
Head of Learning and Development, SMEC
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Reduce new hire churn

New employee churn is a costly and time consuming challenge for Australian businesses. 59% of Australian managers have a new starter resign within their probation period. Organisations with strong onboarding processes improve their new hire retention rate by 82%

Tribal Habits drives down churn rates by providing engaging onboarding experiences that ensure new starters feel welcome, aligns them with organisational culture and equips them to succeed from day one.

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Remove the burden of delivering induction training

Organisations are constantly hiring new people. This means that experienced staff are frequently pulled away from their jobs to deliver induction training and to teach new skills.

Tribal Habits is a 'create once, deploy often' digital solution that enables key staff members to summarise their skills and create engaging learning experiences. Online induciton programs can be rolled out to new starters at any time without disturbing staff. New hires can start induction without having to wait for workshops or expert availability.

Essentially we are getting better outcomes with less time spent on induction processes.

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Lindsay Bastiansz
Manager Performance Enablement, MOQdigital
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Everything you need to make employee induction a success in your organisation

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Why employee induction is better with Tribal Habits

Any time, any location

Tribal Habits allows employee induction to occur 24/7 in any location. New employees are inducted faster, reducing the time to productivity and boosting early engagement

Consistent delivery

Employee induction is delivered the same way to every new employee via Tribal Habits. Consistent standards, policies and values are established in all locations

Reduced expenses

Tribal Habits avoids having experienced staff waste time repeatedly inducting new employees in time-consuming 1:1 sessions while eliminating travel and workshop costs

Fully customised

Generic induction training provides limited results. Tribal Habits allows you to create induction pathways which contain information relevant to your organisation, fast-tracking productivity

Create once, Deploy often

Stop disrupting your workforce by delivering the same face-to-face training over and over. Tribal Habits induction is a 'create once, deploy often' solution

Reduce paperwork

Tribal Habits automates the tactical work associated with induction freeing up time for your staff to focus on creating relationships with new hires and bringing them up to speed as quickly as possible

Digital and personal

There are elements of your induction process that simply need the human touch. Tribal Habits can automatically facilitate and track the blending of offline and online induction practices

Your branding

The way you induct new employees leaves a lasting impression. That's why Tribal Habits induction materials, including our ready-made training modules, appear in your organisation's branding

Induction feedback

As well as training your new hires, there is a lot you can learn from them. Tribal Habits allows two-way knowledge sharing as well as employee feedback through the induction process

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Join Australia’s top organisations using Tribal Habits

Tribal Habits is a proudly Australian owned and built platform. All implementation and support queries are answered by our friendly Australian-based team.

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Gold medal-winning induction

Engineering firm SMEC took out a gold medal that the 2019 LearnX awards delivering a first-class graduate induction program through the Tribal Habits platform. Here is what SMEC’s state manager for QLD and NT had to say about the program.

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Start with our Creator package which guides your experts to turn their knowledge into interactive online training on any topic. Optionally, add our Compliance package to complement internal induction training with require compliance modules.

Pay monthly for smaller or seasonal usage or lock-in discounted rates for annual plans starting from 100 active users per month (discounts for larger plans).

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