Learning platform for customer training

The perfect learning platform for customer training allowing you to provide onboarding, support or certificating training for your customers about your products and services.

Learning Platform for Training Providers & small businesses
Tribal Habits Topic Library. Hundreds of included courses.

Onboard and educate customers

Complement your knowledge base by providing proactive and engaging upfront training for your customers. Improve your customer onboarding by offering them a structured process to learn about the key features and workflows of your products and services.

Your ‘Customer Academy’ can ensure your customers get the most out of your offering, avoid early frustrations and quickly utilise key features or services.

Training can be:

Improve support and sales processes

Capture learner feedback (beyond simple ‘like / dislike’ emojis of a knowledge base). Your customer training modules can capture quiz answers to reveal when customers are struggling to understand a feature, survey customers about their experience or desired features or ask for customer feedback about next steps.

This learning data can be easily filtered and shared with your customer support and sales teams to assist in customer relationship management. Identify opportunities for upsells or highlight where new support articles are required.

Invoicing skills

As a newcomer to online training I was blown away by how easy it is to convert face-to-face training into blended online programs. There are many excellent features that enabled this transition, but the following made a huge difference: Sage (the AI assistant that guides your instructional design), a very comprehensive set of tools for creating interactive learning, access to a large image library, and the cost based on active users

Geoff R - Director


Set up customer training in days, not months

Obtain a secure
online portal, with
multi-branding and integrations available.

Use the building block editor to quickly create articles and modules.

Enrol customers via a wide variety of options (including embedding in their own LMS).

Capture detailed learning analytics to share with support and sales teams.

Get help through every step on the process.

Learning Data Screen View Customer Training

Offer training in your customer branding or LMS

You can include multiple branded portals. This may include separate portals for each product or brand offering in your portfolio. However, you could also create separate portals for major customers, allowing you to easily white label or co-brand your training content into your customer branding (boosting ownership and engagement).

You can offer your major customers a dedicated URL for their ‘Training Academy’. You can also offer to share your modules directly via their learning management system (if they have their own LMS).

This allows your customer’s users to access your content in their own context.

Our ‘LMS Links’ are secure and traceable, giving you the ability to monitor usage and learning data.


Combine customer and employee learning

If you have an academy for your customers, chances are your employees might benefit from the same information!

You can set-up a dedicated employee portal to allow them to share in the same education that your customers receive.

In addition you can also add in compliance and induction training, internal processes and self-development training from our extensive library of ready-made content. All rolled up into one single subscription!

Analytics - Platform activity screen

I love that you can allocate other staff to be co-creators of any content. Also the option of using the platform to deliver training to those outside of your organisation is a big win for us.

Michelle - Policy, Risk and Compliance Manager


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