Learning platform for large enterprises

The perfect learning platform for large organisations with over 500 employees.

Leverage internal expertise, capture detailed learning data and automate training administration.

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Australian LMS Tribal Habits Dashboard for large enterprise

Optimise induction and compliance

Organisations are constantly hiring. Without an optimised employee induction process, experienced staff are frequently pulled away from their jobs to repetitively teach the same new skills.

Tribal Habits is a ‘create once, deploy often’ digital solution that enables organisations to capture key skills, processes, culture and policies to create engaging and consistent learning experiences.

New hires can start induction in any location and time, without having to wait for workshops or staff availability. Plus our ready-made compliance training modules help you meet compliance obligations, share your policies and track completion.

Leverage your resources

Tribal Habits is built around a completely guided content creation process. Anyone can follow a step-by-step process to create interactive online training. The platform uses a simple building-block editor and templates to provide a ‘fill in the blanks’ approach to training creation.

For large enterprises, which often have a huge demand for customised training, this allows your HR and training staff to more rapidly create modules and meet training needs. Everything they need is in the one location – video hosting, image library, image editor, version control and more.

Even better, your internal experts can be engaged to directly create first drafts of training content, guided by our incredible digital coach, Sage. Sage helps your experts use our building block editor to create interactive training with no more effort than building Power Point slides. So your training team can help manage a range of experts drafting learning, rather than tediously building each module themselves.

Organisation and employess Australian LMS Creation Platform Screenshot

L&D colleagues can now transfer ownership of content back to SME's and focus instead on supporting the business with their own expertise, and understanding of the design process - rather than trying to become experts at each and every topic.

Melissa H, Learning and Development Leader


Set-up employee training in days, not months

Obtain your branded online training portal.

Build your own training or use 100s of ready-made modules.

Use flexible processes
to manage users and enrolments.

Automate training admin (including dedicate manager portals).
Get help through every step on the process.
Learning Data Screen View Customer Training

Tap into rich learning data

Old-fashioned learning management systems struggle to provide detailed learning data – they are often limited to simply reporting completion rates.

With Tribal Habits you can review all learning contributions – quiz answers, survey choices, written responses, activity outcomes, on-the-job tasks, training success and more.

Analyse learning data to improve course content and workshop facilitation, demonstrate the ROI of training or support coaching from supervisors. In a world of ‘big data’, your learning platform should be fit for purpose and help your organisation optimise all aspects of training.

Powerful training management

Need to manage training at scale? Tribal Habits can reduce the effort of your training tasks.

You can automate your enrolments – from instantly enrolling new users into required training, to assigning due dates and sending reminders, to escalating overdue training to management and even managing annual renewals in compliance training. Set and forget.

There’s a huge range reports in our dedicated Analytics area. Filter your data by any custom field to quickly report on outcomes by location, title, role, team or any other key demographic. Then save your favourite reports or export into a spreadsheet for detailed analysis.

Analytics - Platform activity screen for customers & stakeholders

The overall experience with Tribal Habits has been excellent. From the original set up and the ongoing communication regards new features or just confirming how we do something has been second to none. I would gladly recommend Tribal Habits as a superior supplier in the online learning platform market.

David W. – Product and Training Specialist


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