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Manage compliance and induction, standardise processes & automate training.

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Optimise employee induction

Organisations are constantly hiring. Without an optimised employee induction process, experienced staff are frequently pulled away from their jobs to repetitively teach the same new skills.

Tribal Habits is a ‘create once, deploy often’ digital solution that enables organisations to capture key skills, processes, culture and policies to create engaging and consistent learning experiences.

New hires can start induction in any location and time, without having to wait for workshops or staff availability.

Our ready-made compliance training modules help you meet compliance obligations, share your policies and track completion.

Fast-track skills development

It takes time for any new hire to become productive within an organisation. Waiting for face-to-face training sessions only lengthens that process. Your portal is available 24/7 on any device, so new starters can access information they need, when and where they need it.

Development pathways can easily be created to helps new staff identify best practices, avoid bad habits and common mistakes and quickly understand internal processes, jargon and tools.

Even better – there’s 100s of ready-made training modules to ‘plug and play’ a wide variety of skills-based training on productivity, management, communication, sales, service and more. All in your branding and all fully editable.

Screen View of Compliance Training Library

Tribal Habits is an extremely intuitive product to use and administer. It makes building new course topics and deploying them to your business a breeze. No knowledge of course design software is required to build highly interactive topics, and courses can be updated and maintained into the future with ease.

Max R. - Senior L&D Advisor


Set-up employee training in days, not months

Obtain your branded online training portal.

Build your own training or use 100s of ready-made modules.

Use flexible processes
to manage users and enrolments.

Automate training admin (including dedicate manager portals).
Get help through every step on the process.
Invoicing skills

Capture tacit knowledge from experts

Over time, your top-performing employees have developed unique skills and approaches. It represents the very best of your organisation, honed by actual use in real conditions—and knowledge which cannot be found in external training courses.

Random emails, presentations and simple PDF documents do not adequately capture this important content or help transfer these new ideas to other people.

Tribal Habits gives you your experts a way to rapidly capture knowledge AND transfer it effectively to others.

Easy training management

Not only is it easy to create online training in Tribal Habits, training management is simple too.

You can upload your users through spreadsheets, enrol them in the pathways you’d like them to complete and let our automation take care of the workload. Plus we integrate with >4,000 other platforms to easily fit in with your existing tools.

Reporting is straightforward too. You have access to a huge range of custom data which allows you to track and manage your users quickly. You can also manage both internal staff and external contractors in the same platform.

You can present better data to both learners and customers about the value of your training; on‑the‑job tasks, event attendance, external learning, CPD/CLE, competencies and skills, compliance requirements, licences, certifications and more.

Australian LMS Anlaytics dashboard

The biggest plus for me is how the solution is designed around the notion of allowing the 'tribe' (our staff) teach the best 'habits' to one another - helping to ensure quality and consistency in the services that we deliver. We now have a professional induction process that allows new staff members to come up to speed rapidly and understand the how we do things.

Scott M. - COO


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