Learning platform for Not-For-Profits and Charities

Tribal Habits is the perfect learning platform for Not-For-Profit and Charitable organisations – compliance and induction, easy administration and discounted pricing.

Compliance training for Not-for-profits

Learning management systems are usually designed to suit enterprise organisations found in the US / European markets with 1,000s of employees. They assume your organisation has in‑house training resources, access to specialist elearning designers and a large budget.

Yet many Australian & NZ NFPs have less than 1,000 employees and volunteers. Often with limited (or no dedicated) training staff and any training program is run by diverse teams (HR, Ops, IT, L&D).

We created a learning platform especially for Australian & New Zealand NFP organisations who operate with leaner budgets and diverse teams.

You're in great company

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Low-cost implementation

Tribal Habits understands the challenges of a not-for-profit budget and the desire to maximise spending on organisation goals—not training admin. Let us help your NFP with:
  • No deployment fees
  • No implementation or set-up fees
  • No on-going support fees
  • 20% NFP discount to subscription rates
  • PLUS: Pay only for actual usage!

Our Not For Profit clients use Tribal Habits to create award winning training programs.

Leran X Gold Award
Best Learning Model
Blended Training
Dream Big Australia
LEarn X Gold Award
Best eLearning Initiative
New eLearning Adopter
Big Brown House
LEarn X Gold Award
Best eLearning Initiative
eLearning on a Budget
Challenge Community Services

Reduce expenses

Tribal Habits is not only extremely low cost – it can also help reduce other expenses in your not-for-profit organisation’s tight budget!

  • Get your leaders and volunteers motivated by giving them ways to train when and where they have time.
  • Eliminate travel costs, room bookings, catering costs and the delays in providing training as each location waits for their turn.
  • Reduce repetitive 1:1 training sessions and instead utilise your leaders and volunteers for follow-up or Q&A sessions.
Women using Tribal Habits on Laptop

Improve your NFP training in days, not months

Obtain your own secure cloud training portal. Set your branding and integrate with your systems or SSO.

Add your content: use our editable library, quickly build your own or upload existing SCORM files.

Upload and enrol learners in their training individually or in bulk via our 10 different enrolment methods.

Set automations for notifications, escalations, reminders, certificates and enable annual re‑certification.

Get help with 1:1 zoom training, self‑paced learning, live support chat and an extensive knowledge base. 

I've been working for not for profits for years and develop custom training for volunteers and this product is a dream come true for me, I really couldn't believe that it was so affordable and thought it must be too good to be true but it's really easy and quick to design relevant training for my volunteers.

Heidi H - Volunteer coordinator

Staff at work meeting

Increase revenue

While Tribal Habits can help lower expenses, accelerate productivity and reduce compliance risks, it can also help improve revenue. With Tribal Habits you can share fund-raising and donation strategies with your HQ managers, district presidents, regional leaders and team supervisors as well as with key volunteers and partners.

You could even offer training to the community on key aspects of your mission, either as a value-add or a revenue-generating initiative. Tribal Habits ultimately helps you raise awareness and enable recipients to assist in the success of your mission.

Ready-made training

The key to any training project is content! Great, relevant, consistent content drives knowledge and boosts learning outcomes. Yet creating training content is often a time-consuming process. With Tribal Habits, that process is rapid and easy.

You can access a library of ready-made, Australian-lawyer approved compliance training modules for your leaders, staff and volunteers.

These modules appear in YOUR branding and cover all the important compliance and induction issues for not-for-profit organisations including IT security, privacy law, mental health and stress management, workplace behaviours (bullying, discrimination, harassment) and more.

Screen View of Admin Training Library

All the key features for easy NFP training

Compliance modules

A library of key editable compliance modules, reviewed by Australian and New Zealand lawyers.

Detailed reporting

All activity is traceable and progress reports can be generated with the click of a button.

Customise policies

Create custom compliance training with organisation information and policy acceptance.

Easy admin

Automate enrolments, notifications, reminders, certificates and more.

Man doing training on tribal Habits

Custom training

It’s not just ready-made training either. Tribal Habits excels at capturing and sharing the important and unique processes which make your organisation successful.

Tribal Habits is built around a completely guided content creation process. Anyone can follow a step-by-step process to create interactive online training. The platform uses a simple building-block editor and templates to provide a ‘fill in the blanks’ approach to training creation.

Take all those old PDF documents and PowerPoint slides and transform them into engaging training which people want to do!

Content is easy to update when changes occur too, maintaining a single-source-of-truth for your organisation’s knowledge.

Simple administration

As not-for-profits often hire new people or have a rotation of volunteers, automating employee training and orientation with a digital learning platform is one of the best investments you can make.

Tribal Habits has been designed for anyone to use – it’s not a complex learning management system which requires expert learning staff to operate. Our interface is modern, branded to your organisation and easy to use.

Even employees with limited business software experience can easily navigate the portal and swiftly complete courses. Training modules in Tribal Habits are available on any device and are WCAG 2.1 Level AA accessible too!

Screen View of Admin Dashboard

Tribal Habits was a breeze to implement for our organisation, within 1 hour the portal was customised to our company. I was able to upload all initial users to the portal, and when new hires commence, or there are changes to the management team this is done efficiently through the uploads.

Megan R. - Manager People and Culture in Australia


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