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Learning management systems are typically designed to suit enterprise organisations found in the US / European markets with 1,000s of employees. They assume your organisation has in‑house training resources, access to specialist elearning designers and a large budget.

Yet most Australian & NZ businesses have less than 1,000 employees—some with training managers, but often with a mix of HR staff, safety/operations managers or internal subject matter experts.

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We've created a learning platform especially for Australian & NZ organisations that operate with leaner budgets and diverse teams.

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How we're different

Traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) were designed pre-cloud computing.
They manage the enrolments of learning content that was created elsewhere and imported to the LMS (usually as a SCORM file).

This created silos between the learning content data and the LMS. There’s no options for social learning and creates significantly more effort to make simple updates to training.

Traditional LMS Icons
Different staff training online with Tribal Habits illustration
Tribal Habits is completely cloud based, designed around making content creation simple.
We believe engaging, relevant content is at the heart of successful training content.
We then wrapped a modern LMS around the content creation tool. Removing this separation means you can:
– Make updates easily
– Create social learning interactions
– Have anyone create training on any topic
– Tap into a *lot* of learning data
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Small–Medium Business

Finally! A learning platform with all of the bells & whistles without the enterprise price tag. All hosted and supported in Australia.

Our platform is designed for anyone in your organisation to be able to create engaging training, you don’t have to be a specialist.

There’s also a library of editable, ready made content so you can get up and running quickly with induction & compliance training.

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Information Security course dashboard on Australian LMS

Growing Business

Organisations are constantly hiring. Without an optimised employee induction process, experienced staff are frequently pulled away from their jobs to repetitively teach the same new skills.

Move on from generic online content and create customised, engaging training. Build out capability development options to skill up your staff.

Our active user pricing model also means you get the best value—store as many users as you like and only pay for the staff actually using it!

Large Organisations

Our platform is made with Australian & NZ organisations in mind. Utilise the knowledge in the heads of your subject matter experts by using our easy to use building block content creation tool to create training on any topic across departments.

Plus hundreds of ready-made library courses—including compliance courses which are checked by Australian and NZ lawyers against latest legislation and best practice.

Build a culture of standards and processes, and incorporate capability development to increase employee engagement.

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