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The perfect learning platform for training providers offering online and blended learning options to their customers.

Create customised training, manage on-the-job assessments and offer detailed customer reporting.

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Improve training efficiency & options

If your training has typically been delivered to customers via instructor-led workshops or webinars, that’s great! But it’s also time consuming, expensive and subject to the availability of your learners.

Tribal Habits helps you easily convert existing instructor-led training content into stand-alone online training or blended (online and offline) experiences.

You can then offer your customers a wider range of options to engage with your services, improve the efficiency of training delivery, approach a wider range of customers (with different price points) and still improve your instructor-led training.

Option 1: Stand-alone online training

With Tribal Habits, its simple to transform your workshops into completely stand-alone online training programs. Online modules allow you to approach customers in any location, offer lower priced alternatives or ‘starter’ training options, reinforce ideas with workshops learners or provide training to new learners who missed the original intake.

With over 50 different learning interactions, including social learning options, plus built-in video hosting, its easy to recreate workshop activities as online interactions. If you have a facilitators handbook, then you are over half way to having an online version!

Online training can include graded assessments as well as manually assessed interactions for uploads or essay questions.

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I have successfully converted face-to-face training into blended online programs, including using the system to provide digital workbooks during virtual workshops (e.g. Zoom). During this time the level of support has been outstanding. Positive feedback from clients and participants confirms the move to Tribal Habits was a wise decision.

Geoff R - Director


Transform your offline training into online or blended learning in days, not months

Obtain a secure online portal, with multi-branding and integrations available.

Use the building block editor to quickly repurpose offline training.

Enrol customers via a wide variety of options (including embedding in their own LMS).

Capture detailed learning analytics to demonstrate learning ROI.

Get help through every step on the process.

Option 2: Blended learning

Using Tribal Habits to create a blended learning experience can both improve your workshops or webinars, while reducing the cost to deliver.
You can transfer pre-work and theory into online modules in your Tribal Habits portal. This can help your learners come to instructor-led sessions better prepared – and help your instructor gather learner data in advance!

With the theory out of the way, your workshops and webinars can be shorter (lowering costs) and also focus on higher-value interactions – discussions, roleplays, activities, implementation – to improve learning outcomes.

Back in Tribal Habits, you can then provide post-event information. Session records, downloadable materials or follow-up activities, quizzes or polling.

Powerful training administration

Moving online also improves your training administration. You can send reminders, track completion pre-Workshop, record event attendance and provide certificates.

Most importantly, you can track more learning data to share with your customers. Ask learners to report back on on-the-job activities, capture both poll and written feedback, conduct online and offline assessments and capture every answer to every interaction by every learner.

Filter and download all data to help improve your courses, prepare your facilitators and demonstrate the value of your training to your customers.

Tribal Habits has been great to encourage self-learning for our users, especially in this new environment of blended working, ie remote working as well as in office working.

Michelle H. - Knowledge, Learning & Automation Solutions Manager


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