Make life easier by managing training online

Finally, all your knowledge and training in one place!

Shifting to an online learning platform removes the pain of manually managing training. Tribal Habits makes it possible for any sized organisation to digitise training processes, automating the mundane and leaving you to get on with what matters most.

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Your organisation is online. Shouldn't your training be?

One of the great dangers of paper or file-based training is inconsistency. Some employees complete training while others do not. Some employees receive the right information, while others are taught out-dated or incorrect information.

Online training content, and the automations that accompany it, create a repeatable, foolproof approach to training. Online training provides the same experience to every employee, every time, in any location. Tribal Habits’ version control ensures staff access the latest information at all times.


“Tribal Habits was unique in the market as it allowed us to rapidly capture and transfer organisational knowledge via text, imagery, video and interactive elements.”

Jamie Scarrabelotti

Make internal processes stick

Your internal processes are in place for a reason: THEY WORK! However, if you rely on paper-based documents and word of mouth to educate your people on these procedures, it’s likely they are being ignored or altered in the field.

Tribal Habits captures your internal processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) and present them to your staff through interactive, engaging learning experiences. Tribal Habits ensures processes are understood and acted upon.

Managing training is now a 'hands off' task

Tribal Habits learning pathways allow you to ‘set and forget’ the administration of training.

Enrol your staff in the courses they need to succeed, and Tribal Habits will automatically send them reminders and notifications. Leaving you more time to focus on what matters.


“Essentially, we’re getting better outcomes with less time spent.”

Lindsay Bastiansz

Free Managing Training Guidebook!

Download our free Manage Training Online Guidebook for a step-by-step guide to saving time, money and hassle with an online learning portal.

Key features for managing training

Advanced analytics

Review rich data from every topic and every user. Make informed decisions to improve training

100s of ready-made modules

Tap into ready-made training - in your branding - for compliance, development and induction

Automated notifications

Put an end to chasing staff. Let our notifications, due dates and reminders take care of that

Easy enrolments

Over 10 different ways to manage enrolments to make it easy to connect learners with content

Learning pathways

Combine topics in learning pathways and let our automation guide your staff to success

Create once, deliver often

Stop delivering the same training over and over again. Tribal Habits training is available 24/7

Single source of truth

Avoid missing training records and inconsistent training. Access everything in Tribal Habits

Version control

Make sure your team are accessing the latest versions of your training material

People management

Manage users with custom demographic data for reporting, enrolments and catalogues

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