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Easily capture and share proven ideas, tested experience and insider tips across your entire organisation.
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Capture tacit knowledge from experts

Over time, your top-performing employees have developed unique skills and approaches. It represents the very best of your organisation, honed by actual use in real conditions—and knowledge which cannot be found in external training courses.

Random emails, presentations and simple PDF documents do not adequately capture this important content or help transfer these new ideas to other people. 

You need to give your experts a way to rapidly capture knowledge AND transfer it effectively to others.

Stop knowledge drain when staff leave

When staff leave your organisation, their knowledge goes with them. The departure of experienced or highly skilled staff can result in a whole generation of knowledge disappearing overnight.

Tribal Habits remedies this by capturing and sharing your best practices so they remain within your organisation even when staff leave, and reduce bottlenecks when they are on holiday.

We help future-proof your organisation against employee turnover and economic change. You build a library of ‘how your organisation works at its best’ – a vital asset for shareholders and owners.

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Standard Operating Processes

On-the-job tasks

Schedule and track on-the-job tasks and activities, including notifications and assessments.

Rapid creation

Our easy-to-use building block editor has 45 interactive layouts, hundreds of templates and is fully guided.

Documents & videos

We have unlimited video and document hosting. Securely share key media.

Easy updates

Update content in seconds. Built-in version control. Export as PDF.

I love that we can draw on the expertise of others so easily and that they can record content themselves - we've created templates which allow others to contribute in a way that aligns with L&D principles. In a digital (and now remote) environment, this has been critical. L&D colleagues can now transfer ownership of content back to SME's and focus instead on supporting the business with their own expertise, and understanding of the design process - rather than trying to become experts at each and every topic.

Melissa H. - Leader, Learning & Development in Australia

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Transform offline content into online training

Open up a world of new learning opportunities by moving training away from PowerPoint presentations and the logistical challenges of face-to-face training.

Our guided processes and templates allow anyone to quickly create interactive online learning. It’s easy to repurpose your existing training materials, workbooks and PDFs into interactive, trackable and branded online training modules.

Create once, deploy often, report easily

With Tribal Habits, you can create interactive, online learning, available 24/7 in any location with version control, data capture and full tracking…all for the same effort of creating a set of PowerPoint slides.

Eliminate out-of-date PDFs or slides being used in different locations, quickly update training on new or changed processes and ensure everyone is learning from the same page.

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Easy user management

Not only is it easy to create online training in Tribal Habits, user management is simple too. You can upload your users through spreadsheets, enrol them in the pathways you’d like them to complete and let our automation take care of the workload.

Reporting is straightforward too. You have access to a huge range of custom data which allows you to track and manage your users quickly. 

You can present better data to both learners and customers about the value of your training—on-the-job tasks, event attendance, external learning, CPD/CLE, competencies and skills, compliance requirements, licences, certifications and more.

It makes building new course topics and deploying them to your business a breeze. No knowledge of course design software is required to build highly interactive topics, and courses can be updated and maintained into the future with ease. From a technical perspective, it integrates extremely well with other systems and has a very straightforward administrator interface.

Max R. - Senior Learning and Development Advisor in Australia

Share best practices epub

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Reduce Training Costs

Download our free Reduce Training Costs Guidebook for tips and tricks to set a training budget and maximise your training expenditure. 

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