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Training from the Tribal Habits Compliance library on workplace health and safety, equal opportunity, IT security and key Australian legislation.
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Training from the Tribal Habits Development library on leadership, sales, project management, communication, productivity and more.
Training from the Queensland Human Rights Commission on Discrimination Awareness, QLD Human Rights Act and Diversity/Inclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my enrolment details?

You will receive a login invitation email within 24 business hours of your purchase – often much sooner. Please wait 24 business hours before contacting us about a ‘missing’ invitation email (see next question too).
If your order is made outside of business hours (after 5:00 pm AEST or on the weekends), then your order will be processed on the next business morning

What if I can't find my invitation email?

If you feel you have not received your invitation email, please check your SPAM or JUNK email folders before contacting support. This is particularly true if you use a public email provider like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or Outlook which can have very aggressive spam filters.

I am trying to log in and get a message that ‘An invitation email is pending’.

This means you are trying to log in but have not used the invitation link in your invitation email. For security purposes, you must use that invitation link for your FIRST login. It ensures your email address is correct and allows you to set a secure password. Please check your SPAM or JUNK email folders. If you cannot find the invitation email, and it has been more than 24 business hours since your order, please contact your platform administrator.

I am trying to log in and it is not accepting my username and/or password.

Your username will be the email address you used for your order (where the invoice and invitation emails were sent). You will set your own password using the link in the invitation email. If you cannot remember your password, please use the ‘Reset password’ option on the login page of your training portal.

How do I change my password?

Within the training portal, there is an option to change your password on your User Profile screen. There is also a ‘Forgot password’ option to reset your password if you cannot remember it.

I am purchasing multiple enrolments - how will each person access the training?

If you make a purchase for multiple people, we will ask you to supply the names and email addresses for each person. Each person will then be sent an invitation email to log in and access the training (using their own login and password). Each person requires a unique email address.

What software is required to access the training?

You only need a modern web browser with a version from 2017 or later. We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, however, you can use Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. You may also require software to read PDF files for some example templates. The training itself will run in your browser with no other software requirements.

What are the system requirements to access the training?

Our training is responsive to small screen sizes (such as a mobile phone in landscape) but we strongly recommend at least a tablet-sized screen. A laptop or desktop screen will give the best experience. Our topics often use narrated slides or videos, so audio options are recommended. We also use cookies in your browser to remember who you are when you log in.

How do I get my completion certificate?

After you fully complete your training module, a ‘Certificate’ button will show on the main navigation screen of that topic (on the first and largest tile which contains the topic title). You can also find a link to your certificate by accessing ‘My Profile’ from your portal dashboard and scrolling down to your topics.

NOTE: You must fully complete the module. This means all tiles in the module must have been completed – they will have a green checkmark and a ‘Review’ button. If any tile still has an ‘Explore’ button, it means you haven’t completed that tile. Explore that tile and scroll down to complete all the sections in that tile, including the final large green ‘Conquer this point’ button at the end.

How do I contact support to get some help?

Please contact our support team at [email protected] if none of the above solutions are helping you.

NOTE: If you are emailing support to ask ‘Where is my invitation email?’ please be sure that 24 business hours have passed since your order. If your order is on a weekend, please wait until Monday morning. Emails requesting login details before 24 hours have passed will not be answered.

NOTE: Please check your SPAM and JUNK email folders before contacting support. 99% of the time, a ‘missing’ invitation email is in those folders.

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