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5 tips to manage virtual employee induction during COVID-19

While we continue to grapple with the global COVID-19 pandemic, life, for many organisations, is pushing forward and the need to support growth by hiring new staff remains present. In fact, the need for a great employee induction program is even higher when virtual employee induction may be required for new staff.

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4 common mistakes in determining how long an elearning course should be

One of the top questions we see from people new to elearning (or even experienced instructional designers) is how long an elearning course should be? Yet most people approach this question with fundamental mistakes in their thinking. Let’s review four of the most common mistakes in determining how long an elearning course should be in this article.

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Setting a training budget

What is an appropriate training budget for a modern organisation? It’s a bit like asking how long a piece of string is? At every annual budget planning session there is no doubt the annual argument over the training budget. In this article, we look at four different ways to calculate and set a training budget for small to medium organisations.

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7 steps to quickly implement online compliance training

There will be many lessons learnt when you implement online compliance training – lessons which allow for updates and improvements as each stage in the implementation process is completed. So let’s consider an easy seven-step process to rapidly implement online compliance training.

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