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This topic is about understanding the behaviours which build trust, particularly in a sales or service environment. This topic reveals the four elements of trust, how they work together to allow trust to develop between you and your clients and specific behaviours required in a sales environment to allow trust to occur. It provides you with skills and tools to assess your strengths and weaknesses in creating trust with prospects and client. It also provides specific actions to improve your trust-building skills.

This topic is important because trust is one of the critical success factors in a sales and service environment. If you fail to establish trust with new prospects, it becomes a major barrier to their purchasing decision. If you fail to maintain trust with your clients over time, you will struggle with repeat sales, cross-selling, referrals or even retention of their existing business. Most sales and service professionals have blindspots in their trust building skills. This topic reveals your weaknesses and provides specific skills to build all four elements of trust with your clients.