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This topic is about improving your confidence and effectiveness when in a networking situation. To begin, we look at how you examine – and update – your attitude around networking to set up for success. We then look at specific skills around preparing for a networking event and interacting at the event itself. The purpose of networking is to build networks, so we conclude with techniques to follow-up after a networking event.

This topic is important because what you know and who you know are both critical success factors for anyone in your organisation – sales people looking to meet new clients, customer service managers seeking contacts to help them solve problems, technical advisers looking for new experts to learn from. Networking connects you with new ideas and new people – it expands your value and options. Yet many people fear networking and feel awkward doing so. Other people enjoy going to events, but fail to create effective outcomes from their time at the event. In this topic we look at tips to improve both confidence and effectiveness at your next networking opportunity.