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This topic is about the ‘moments of decision’ in a sales or proposal process – often referred to as ‘closing’. Successful relationship and sales professionals recognise when a ‘moment of decision’ is required and can guide a client to make a decision to allow the sales process to move forward. This topic examines client signals that a decision is required, a short process to prompt a client to a decision and how to handle the various outcomes of a client decision (success, failure, advancement and stalls) to maintain momentum in a sales process.

This topic is important because the entire process of sales and relationship management is driven around clients making decisions. Any sales or relationship management professional needs to be able to recognise when a client needs to make a decision, is ready to make a decision…or has actually made a decision. If not, the professional will struggle to understand how the client is progressing through the buy cycle and risks wasting the time of all parties. Sales professionals with strong ‘closing’ skills can assist clients to reach decisions at the correct time, maintain momentum in the sales process and ultimately close more sales.