Track the flow
of knowledge

Automate training administration,
gather two-way learner feedback and
prove the impact of training

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Automated management

Tribal Habits removes the administrative burden from managing training and knowledge transfer. 

Our set-and-forget admin panel automatically sends training prompts to users and tracks training progress and knowledge transfer throughout your organisation.

Detailed reporting

Tribal Habits reporting goes way beyond simple topic completion tracking.

Two-way communication and feedback loops allow staff to comment on what they’ve learnt and the effectiveness of training. Reporting shows how new skills have been implemented in day-to-day work and highlights the requirement for further training.

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Demonstrate value

Reporting in Tribal Habits is directly linked to the achievement of business objectives.

By analysing staff commentary and tracking on-the-job activity, our detailed insights prove that training outcomes are met and behavioural change has taken place.

Watch knowledge flow through your organisation