Engaging and powerful
knowlege transfer

Tap into built-in learning
and knowledge interactions
which boost knowledge transfer

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Reflection questions

Learning as an adult is a reflective process. That’s why Tribal Habits leverages reflection questions in our learning experiences.

Reflection questions require learners to periodically respond to review questions and share thoughts with other learners to improve knowledge retention and  foster social learning.

On-the-job activities

To facilitate the flow of information from theory to practice, Tribal Habits actively prompts users to implement what they learn on the platform into their day-to-day jobs and requests feedback about the outcomes achieved.

The best performing teams are those that continuously practice and reinforce what they learn in training.

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Social sharing

Tribal Habits surfaces and shares insights that other users have gleaned through their learning journey.

These human connections enhance the learning experience of future users by providing context and social proof that the topics are accurate and relevant.

Powerful learning and knowledge sharing features

Make best practice common practice