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If you are thinking about whether Tribal Habits may suit your organisation, here are answers to the most popular initial questions we are commonly asked.

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Frequently Asked Sales Questions

How would you summarise Tribal Habits?

Tribal Habits is a complete learning platform which makes it easy to create training, explore and learn knowledge and manage and track training outcomes.

Tribal Habits makes training easy for everyone at your organisation: subject matter experts and training creators, employees and learners and HR and L&D managers. Tribal Habits is a ‘training team in a box’ and is perfect for organisations with 20-500 employees.

All customers receive a private, branded cloud-based learning portal with all user and content management features. You can upload and enrol employees in training, manage reminders, track outcomes and generate reports.

What do we get with a Tribal Habits subscription?

Tribal Habits has three subscription levels, so you only need to pay for the features you need.

Creator – With this subscription, you can create unlimited custom training of your own. Capture processes, best practices, documentation, skills, product knowledge and more.

Compliance – With this subscription, you can access a library of ready-made Australian compliance training modules, approved by Australian lawyers, including online assessments and completion certificates.

Development – With this subscription, you can access a library of ready-made personal development training modules with built-in on-the-job activities to boost real change and drive training outcomes

Are there any upfront costs?

Great news - there are absolutely no set-up or implementation costs. It is entirely free to get started with a Tribal Habits portal.

Do you have monthly plans?

Yes, we offer monthly plans. Monthly plans allow you to ‘pay as you go’ and charge at the end of each calendar month based on your actual number of active users. These plans are great for initial roll-outs, seasonal usage or smaller organisations.

How are plans calculated?

Unlike most learning platforms, we do not charge based on stored users. Our plans are based on ‘active users’. An active user is a user in your portal who logs in during a calendar month. Active users are only counted on their first log in each calendar month and can then login as much as they like, to create or complete as much training as they like.

So if your organisation has, say, 500 employees but only 200 tend to login in each month, you only need a 200 monthly user plan. Then up to 200 different users can log in every month (and you can create and store unlimited users and training). Don’t worry if you overrun your plan either – you are simply charged for the incremental extra users for that one month at the same monthly rate.

What is the difference between monthly and annual plans?

Our plans are then based on monthly or annual payment. Monthly plans allow you to ‘pay as you go’ and charge at the end of each calendar month based on your actual number of active users. These plans are great for initial roll-outs, seasonal usage or smaller organisations.

Our Annual plans are paid in advance and offer discounted per-user rates. They start from 100 active users per month (every month for the 12 months) and increase in multiples of 50.

There’s an affordable plan for every organisation. Learn more at our Pricing page or contact us to discuss the most suitable plan for your organisation.

Is there a free trial period?

Yes, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial of Tribal Habits. We’ll start with a personalised demo to ensure your portal is set up as you needed it and to answer your initial questions. We’ll also add in some content from our Compliance and Development libraries to suit your objectives. You’ll then have full access to the entire platform during your trial, so you can experience what it’s like to create, explore and manage training in Tribal Habits.

Do you offer smaller annual plans than 100 active users?

100 active users per month is our smallest annual plan. It allows up to 100 different active users every month. You can have unlimited stored users and create unlimited training modules. Typically, our monthly plan is cheaper until you have about 60-70 active users every month, at which point you should consider switching to the 100 active user annual plan instead.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do offer some discounts including discounts for annual, multi-year, enterprise-level and not-for-profit purchases. Contact us to discuss further.

How can I get an even bigger discount?

Our annual plans offer increasing discounts as your usage increases – larger monthly usage results in lower per-user costs. We also offer significant discounts on prepaid multi-year plans. Contact us to discuss further.

What's the difference between user roles?

Tribal Habits has admin, creator and explorer roles. Each role has different levels of access to the portal. Admins have full access and can create new users, review all data and manage training. Creators can edit training content they are assigned to. Explorers are learners - they can explore training they have been enrolled in. Users can be admins, creators and explorers or any combination.

What user roles count towards our plan's active user limit?

Everyone who uses Tribal Habits, whether it’s for exploring training, creating training, or managing training, counts towards your plan’s active user limit. You can upgrade your plan anytime if you need to.

What happens to our data when our plan expires?

When your plan expires, we keep your portal for six months in case you want to renew your plan. Your portal will be locked while you have no plan (we do not offer a free plan). After six months, we permanently delete your data from our servers, and we can’t restore it. If you'd prefer we delete your data as soon as your plan ends, let us know, and we'll take care of it right away.

Can we cancel our subscription at any time?

If you have a monthly plan, you may cancel your subscription at any time. You’ll have access to your data for the remaining days of your monthly subscription with a final payment due on the 1st day of the next calendar month. After this, you won’t be charged for any additional months and your portal will be locked.

If you have an annual subscription, you can cancel within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. For subscription renewals, a 30-day grace period will also be honoured for full refunds.

Can we upgrade our plan at any time?

You can upgrade to a larger plan at any time to add more capacity for active users each month. Remember that you can have unlimited stored users, so you can always create more users at any time regardless of your plan. Your plan is only based on how many of those users are active each month. Contact us to discuss further as required.

Where can we review your terms?

Click here to review our Terms of Use.

Click here to review our Privacy Policy.

Click here to review our Security Practices.

Who owns the Tribal Habits content we create?

All content you create is owned by your organisation. No ifs, buts or maybes – if you create the content, then you own the content. This is clearly outlined in our Terms of Use too.

I want to sell courses on Tribal Habits. How can I do that?

Tribal Habits doesn’t offer an integrated eCommerce feature at this time. However, it is very easy to use other options – landing pages, eCommerce sites - to collect sign-up details and payment information before giving learners access to courses. We do this ourselves with content from our Compliance library and on-behalf of other organisations too. Contact us to discuss further and we can give you some tips and tricks on selling online training modules.

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With Tribal Habits you can select just the feature packages you require for any stage of the learning journey. Start small and add packages as you need. Pay only for actual use with monthly and annual plans.

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