Tribal Habits Webinars

Best Practice webinars help you get the most from your Tribal Habits portal. Feature Overview webinars help you select your Tribal Habits plan.

Assessments and Quizzes

RECORDED. Including how to use quizzes for understanding, retention and assessment. We also look at how to set-up appropriate assessments, both online and offline, for your Tribal Habits topics.

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Workplace Activities

RECORDED. Including how to combine online and offline activities, trigger 1:1 coaching for online topics, engage stakeholders in online training and set-up various behaviour and skill-based activities for explorers.

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Training Videos

LIVE – 11 April 2019. Including how to rapidly shoot useful training videos, how to use screen captures and sharing and how to use our amazing Narration tool to replace or complement training videos.

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Social Learning

RECORDED. Including the benefits of social learning, as well as when social learning shouldn’t be used. We also examine Tribal Habits features to boost social learning including polls, reflection questions and insights.

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Learning Culture

Recorded.Including how organisations can promote a culture of learning, collaboration and sharing more generally (regardless of the learning platforms or processes in that organisation).

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Topic Interactions

LIVE – 15 August 2019. Including a variety of techniques you use to make online learning more interactive, including best practices with many Tribal Habits features – Q&A, polls, hotspot, match, files and more.


Induction Programs

LIVE – 12 September 2019. Including a general review of best practices in induction programs, as well as specific features in Tribal Habits which can make induction more efficient and effective.


Planning Training

LIVE – 17 October 2019. Including general issues of planning training or mapping out curriculums. We’ll look at training needs analysis for both organisations and individuals, and some specific Tribal Habits features.


External Training

LIVE – 21 November 2019. Including sharing knowledge and training with your customers and clients, for support or revenue purposes. We also look at using training and knowledge for marketing purposes.


Training Success

LIVE – 19 December 2019. Including reviewing the common Kirkpatrick approach training effectiveness, as well as how to examine and interpret participant feedback to improve Tribal Habits topics.


Training Automation

LIVE – TBA. Including a review of various Tribal Habits features which can automate learning and sharing, and reduce admin burden – enrolment rules, due dates, notifications, ‘create a topic’ and more.


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Best Practice Webinars

Join us for a monthly 30 minute review of the latest Tribal Habits features and a deep dive into critical topics on knowledge sharing, staff training, induction programs, compliance processes and more.